Woman Arrested in Home of Chris Brown

Chris BrownLos Angeles County Sheriffs have arrested a woman, found at the home of Chris Brown, on suspicion of breaking and entering. Chris Brown posted a picture of her on his Instagram account with the caption: “I get home, and find this crazy individual in my house…Then had all these crazy voodoo things around my crib…I pray she will get help.” The singer said he returned home and found that she had cooked several meals and painted her name on some of his cars and I love you on some walls in his house. According to the singer she also threw his daughter’s clothes and items belonging to his dog out while there.

Breaking and entering especially one like this will be taken seriously. The woman gained access by removing the hinges on one of the doors of the home. It would seem that she was very determined to meet Chris Brown. There are many legal ramifications to this type of activity. A celebrity can take legal precautions such as a restraining order, but if there is a question of sanity this may not stop the attempt for more contact by this person. There are also the actions taken by the police. If this woman is mentally incompetent there may be alternative places for her to be held besides the police station.

If this person does have a mental impairment her family should be involved for her own safety. Private security people may not be as understanding as police officers who are used to dealing with mentally deficient offenders. A California defense attorney should be retained by the family to make sure there is no rush to judgement in her guilt or innocence. Proper care for someone with a mental condition is one thing an attorney can be able to get for this person and anyone else facing charges due to an activity that a mentally balanced person would not do. If you have a family member in trouble with mental incapacities a California defense attorney is needed.

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