How Does Bail Work?

Ever wonder how does bail work? In every case that bail is granted, one can bail out if they can afford to pay the entire bail themselves. Once the case is finished, that amount would be returned to them.

Are All Charges Bondable Or Bail-Able?

In Los Angeles County all charges except Murder with Special Circumstances are bail-able. Once someone is arrested, the bail would be set according to what they had been arrested for. There is actually a statutory bail schedule that states each crime and the bail amount for it.

Anybody who has been arrested would be able to bail out unless they have a “hold” on him or her. This could be an immigration hold, meaning ICE wants to speak to them, or it could be a hold from another jurisdiction. For example, another county or another state wants the person to appear in their jurisdiction.

How Do Bail Bondsmen Work?

Someone who can not afford to pay the entire bail him or herself would have to get a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will “put up “all the money for the person and they would then charge that person a certain percentage such as 10, 9 or 8 percent. The money paid to a bail bondsman would not be refundable back to the person.

Let us suppose the person had a bail of $100,000. They would have to pay a bail bondsman $10,000 and the bail bondsman would put up the entire amount of the bail. The $10,000 would be gone and once the case was over, the bail bondsman would get his money from the court. If the person (defendant) fails to show up for court, the bail bondsman might send his agents or bounty hunters, as they are called, to go find the person and bring them back to court.

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