What Are Alternative Punishments To Jail In California?

This would all depend on the actual crime the defendant is being charged with. One of the most common alternatives is “Prop 36”, which is a program designed for those who are charged with minor drug offenses.

If somebody has a drug problem in California, the courts and the government usually look to rehabilitation rather than punishment. Drug court is another one of these alternative programs. The case would get transferred to drug court. This court would be designed to handle the case and places strict conditions on the offender. Failure to comply with the conditions of drug court could result in the case being sent back to a regular court for prosecution.

Another alternative is called DEJ, or “Deferred Entry of Judgment”. This means the court would allow a person to enter a guilty plea to a crime, whatever crime that may be, either the crime the person was charged with or a lesser crime. The court would not sentence the person and instead would give them a task to do ,like community service or a program within a specific period of time.

The person will come back to court after that date, and if they have done everything asked of them, the court will dismiss the case and the plea would be thrown out. In some cases the initial plea might be to a felony offense and once the conditions of the DEJ have been met, that felony plea will be thrown out and a misdemeanor plea will be entered in its place.

In some cases community service or community labor might be available instead of jail.

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