What Happens After Getting Out Of Jail Till Going To Court?

Someone who was arrested would have to be brought to court within 48 hours if they were not able to bail out. If they were able to bail out, a future court date will be set for them to appear.

It would be a wise decision to hire a private attorney between the time someone is released from jail until their court appearance. The sooner an attorney is hired, the better it is for the client. This allows the attorney to start preparing a defense and in some cases prevent any charges to be filed at all.

Does Having A Job, A Family And Being A Good Citizen Matter In Front Of The Court?

This would actually come into play a lot when trying to settle the case. The DA or the City Attorney look at these facts when presented by a defense attorney. The justice system is usually willing to give a second chance to some people.

If two people were arrested for the same crime and similar set of fact, but one had a clean record, a steady job and family support, whereas the other one had a very bad record, each one would probably get two completely different deals from the DA.

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