Defendants should never represent themselves. There is an old saying that goes: “An attorney who represents himself has a fool for his client.” Meaning that someone who represented him or herself would be a fool because their judgment will be clouded. That person would no longer be able to look at the case from a neutral point of view but rather they would be emotionally involved in it, which would result in making unsound decisions.

This also applies for any layperson that would want to defend themself. He or she would not be able to handle it, not only because they would not have the legal background but because their personal feelings would come into play and cloud their judgment.

Why Hire Private Attorney As Opposed To A Public Defender?

A public defender is qualified and he or she would know what he or she is doing. However, most public defenders get a large number of cases assigned to them daily. This is especially true in the arraignment courts. A private attorney only goes to court just for their client. A private attorney’s client gets the attention he or she needs and their attorney is there for them in every step of the case.

A person without a private attorney would have to sit and wait their turn to talk to the public defender. The first time they will meet their public defender would be in court.

In most cases, someone who has been arrested is afraid and needs somebody there to answer questions and to explain the process to them. A private attorney can prepare their client before the first court date so when that day arrives the client fully understands the road ahead.

Most people who went with the public defender, often feel they did not get an adequate representation no matter how good their public defender is. This feeling is a result of the public defender not having enough time for client.

What To Look For When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

Somebody who is looking to hire a criminal defense attorney should hire an attorney who exclusively handles criminal defense. Some attorneys out there practice criminal defense along with other fields of law, and some of them are actually great attorneys. However, an experienced attorney who handles criminal defense exclusively is more versed in that area of the law.

How Often Can You Get Charges Either Dropped, Dismissed Or Reduced?

This actually happens more often than people think. About 80 percent of the cases I have handled have been dismissed, dropped or reduced to a lesser crime.

Without a doubt my goal is always to get charges dismissed. If I cannot get the charges dismissed, I would always do my best to get them reduced.

Obviously, the situation, the client’s background and history come into play. Two different people with the same charge will obtain different results because of their background.

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