Would Someone Still Need An Attorney If They Planned To Plead Guilty?

Yes, most people think they would not need an attorney because they are planning to plead guilty. That is the wrong way to think about it because this is when they need an attorney the most.

An attorney could help get a better deal, and can help understand what you are pleading to. An attorney can help explain any concerns that may arise because of the plea, such as any immigration consequences or any consequences that might endanger the person’s driving license, their work, etc.

What Do You Tell Clients Who Want To Plead Guilty To Get The Case Over Faster?

Some people actually come to an attorney because they feel they are guilty and they just want something less than the punishment that is on the books. If a client is guilty and just wants to get it over with, I would evaluate the case with them and tell them what our strategies are and what I could do for them as far as getting them a plea deal.

People usually should not throw themselves on the mercy of the court unless that is their only option. If a person wants a deal, I would approach the district attorney and tell them that I would like to resolve this case. I would invite them to come to an understanding that would be acceptable to both the district attorney and my client.

At What Point Could Someone Enter A Plea Of Either Not Guilty Or Guilty?

A not guilty plea is entered at the arraignment. A guilty plea could also be entered at the arraignment or in later court proceedings after the arraignment has concluded.

I never let my clients plead guilty right off-the-bat, because I always want to evaluate the case, consider the offer I receive, see if I could get my clients something better, and see if the case should not have been filed in the first place.

A plea could be entered at any stage of the court proceeding and it would not necessarily have to be done at a specific stage. So why rush it?

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