Los Angeles Expungement Lawyer Helps You Get a Fresh Start

Let a skilled attorney help you get your criminal record expunged

Did you make a mistake when you were younger that resulted in a misdemeanor or felony conviction? You might be able to have your criminal record expunged. Under the California Labor Code, employers are barred from asking about arrests that did not end in conviction. When a conviction is expunged, it becomes an arrest that did not end in conviction.

Your attorney starts the expungement process by filing an action in the court in which you were originally convicted, asking the court to set aside your conviction. At the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi, we are experienced in expunging clients’ criminal records. We are ready to work diligently on your case.

Who is and isn’t eligible for expungement?

Not everyone can have his or her record expunged. Unless you meet all of the following requirements, the court will not consider granting you an expungement:

  • You are not currently charged with any crime
  • You are not serving a sentence
  • You are not on probation
  • If you were sentenced to probation, you have successfully completed that probation

If you ever violated probation, the court will hold a hearing to determine whether you deserve to have your record expunged despite the probation violation. Factors the court considers include your criminal history, the seriousness of the crime and your overall conduct while on probation.

The limits of expungement

Under California law, some offenses cannot be expunged, including sexual offenses against minors and certain serious vehicle code violations that result in two or more points on your driving record.

While expungement has many benefits, an expungement will not:

  • Prevent the conviction from being used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Reinstate your right to possess firearms
  • Relieve you of your duty to register as a sex offender
  • Remove the conviction from your California and FBI criminal history records
  • Seal the court file from public inspection
  • Allow you to omit the conviction from applications for government-issued licenses
  • Allow you to omit the conviction from application for government employment
  • Allow you to hold public office
  • Prevent the conviction from being used to refuse or revoke a government license or permit
  • Prevent the conviction from being used as a “prior” in any subsequent sentencing
  • Prevent the conviction from being used by the Department of Motor Vehicles

Receive expungement advice from a dedicated L.A. defense lawyer

At the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi, we are prepared to help you with your expungement case. To schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer at our firm, contact us by phone at (310) 448-1529 or online. We promptly return phone calls and emails. Our office is conveniently located in the Westside Towers on Olympic and Bundy. We have flexible office hours, and we will visit you in jail to discuss your case.