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If you are divorced or separated from someone with whom you have children, an accusation of domestic violence can greatly affect your child custody and visitation arrangement. At the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi, we understand the far-reaching implications of a domestic violence charge, and we are ready to immediately pursue your defense.

How can a domestic violence conviction affect child custody?

If you have a pending divorce case, an accusation of domestic violence can greatly harm your ability to obtain custody of your child. In Los Angeles and throughout California, courts are extremely reluctant to give custody to a parent who has been accused of domestic violence. When domestic violence has been alleged, the court may consider several factors, including:

  • Has the parent accused of domestic violence completed a treatment program? If so, what kind? Drug treatment? Alcohol treatment? Anger management?
  • Did the parent arrested for domestic violence abide by a subsequent protective order or violate it?
  • How many incidents of domestic violence are alleged? Does the parent have a history of domestic violence?
  • Who was the victim of the abuse? An adult? A child?
  • How severe was the abuse? Was it emotional, physical or sexual?

Domestic Violence Child Custody & Visitation Issues

How domestic violence affects visitation

The courts recognize the importance of having both parents involved in a child’s life. So, whenever possible, the court grants the noncustodial parent some form of visitation rights. Depending on your case, you may be granted supervised visitation, in which an adult or a professional agency is present while you spend time with your child. In very rare cases, a parent may be denied visitation altogether, when it is determined that the parent poses a danger to the child.

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