L.A. Criminal Law Attorney Builds a Solid Forgery Defense

Working diligently to protect your freedom and your record

If you are arrested for forgery, depending on the facts of your case, the prosecution may charge you with a misdemeanor or felony offense. At the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi, we are known for protecting our client’s rights. When you seek our help, we move in quickly to review your case and develop a proactive defense that aims to have the forgery charges against you reduced or dropped altogether.

Forgery in California

In the state of California, you may be arrested and charged with forgery if you are accused of the following behaviors:

  • Signing someone else’s name
  • Counterfeiting the seal or handwriting of another
  • Altering, corrupting, or falsifying any record of any will, codicil, conveyance or other instrument
  • Altering or misrepresenting as genuine any document related to money or property including checks, bonds, bank bills and cashier’s checks

The penalties for forgery

If you are arrested for forgery in Los Angeles, and charged with a misdemeanor crime, you face a maximum jail sentence of one year. Additionally, you can expect to pay fines up to $1,000, receive informal probation and/or have to pay restitution to the victim or victims.

However, if you are convicted of a felony forgery offense, you must serve three years in prison. Further, you must pay up to $10,000 in fines, informal probation and/or compensate the victim or victims. Whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense is determined by the nature of the crime you are accused of committing and your criminal history.

Crimes often related to forgery

It is common for forgery to be one of many crimes against a defendant. For example, if you are accused of committing forgery while carrying out a check or credit card fraud scheme, you may be charged with forgery and fraud and face additional penalties.

At the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi, we recognize the impact a white-collar crime charge like forgery can have on you and your family. As professional and experienced criminal defense lawyers, we are ready to take on your case and build you a solid defense to help save your career and your freedom.

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