Getting arrested for DUI is a stressful situation. The consequences are many, from big fines to a criminal record. No matter in which jurisdiction people get caught for DUI, the consequences are always harsh.

The dangers of drunk driving are very real, both for the driver and everyone around him/her. Because of this, legal consequences are both tough and decisive. Needless to say, people who get arrested for DUI need reliable lawyers with resources.

There is more to say than just “get a lawyer”. You need to always be prepared and knowing the implications of a DUI arrest is a good way to do so.

Arrest in Unavoidable

This may sound obvious but it’s important to mention nonetheless. Some people out there think that they can get away from getting pulled over and facing a sobriety test when drunk. Truth be told, the arrest is almost unavoidable.

The police will pull over people only based on suspicion. Then, if they can somehow validate such suspicions, the arrest will proceed. There are no negotiations or middle ground here. Yet, the arrest may proceed either voluntarily or violently, which is up to the arrested citizen.

Even when arrested for DUI, citizens have constitutional rights that police officers must respect. That’s why remaining calmed is important for influencing the outcome of this inconvenient situation. The court will be the place to question an arrest’s circumstances.

arrested for DUI

Don’t Take Tests on the Road

Seasoned, most DUI attorneys advise against field sobriety and alcohol screening tests. Both are ways to collect unreliable, opaque evidence that may be used against you, even if you haven’t exceeded the legal limits.

Refusing to take the test asked by police officers on the road may trigger a tense situation. What you need to do is to politely reply that your lawyer advised refusing any field tests, also mentioning that you will happily take the mandatory chemical test at the police station.

Calling Your Lawyer is the First Thing to Do

After you get arrested for a DUI, you must avoid heated arguments with the officers or fall asleep in the cell. There is no time for that. What you need to do is call your DUI lawyer right away.

During these situations, time is precious. If you seize every moment, it will work as an advantage. Time equals  opportunity for your lawyer to get you out. People who waste their time in this scenario increase the chances of license suspension, serious fines, and incarceration.

Pay Attention to All the Details

If someone gets arrested for DUI, the chances are he or she is drunk. Yet, the priority is clear: pay attention. Every single detail you can remember the day after may have a crucial role in court.

Even those moments or actions that may seem trivial or irrelevant can influence the outcome. Your lawyer must know all these details, so writing everything down after jail release is a good idea.

arrested for DUI