If you’re facing a DUI trial then you’re probably nervous about what lies ahead.

But if you have an experienced DUI attorney on your side, then you need not be worried – you’re likely in good hands.

Still, you’d probably like to know the process to ease your mind a little.

That’s where this article comes in handy: Here we are going to outline five things you can expect as a result of the DUI trial process.

Of course, your DUI attorney can explain this to you but you can perhaps develop any questions you might have for him after you read this article.

5. Arraignment

If in custody, this takes place 48 hours after your DUI arrest, although it can possible take place at a later date if you are not in custody. This is your first appearance in front of a judge. You will need an experienced DUI attorney to represent you at this hearing. This is where the formal charges will be laid out against you by the state. If you cannot afford a DUI attorney, the court will appoint one for you.

4. Trial – Opening Statements

During the opening statements the prosecution, and your DUI attorney will present the general outlines of the case and defense respectively. This step may be skipped but defendants should be careful to waive their rights to opening statements in a jury trial. In the hands of an experienced DUI attorney, opening statements can be a powerful tool to sway the jury from the get go.

3. Evidence and Witness Testimony

At this stage of your DUI trial each side will begin presenting the evidence supporting the facts outlined in their respective opening statements. This includes any and all information the state has used to bring the DUI charges against you as well as your defenses against those charges.

2. Closing Arguments

When the defense and prosecution have concluded with the presentation of evidence and arguments, the trial then moves on to the closing or summary argument. At this point in the trial your DUI attorney will make a compelling summary of your defense against the DUI charge and use a forceful argument to persuade the jury of your innocence.

1. Jury Decision, Sentencing

After everything has concluded the jury will convene to consider your case. There are two options for the jury to consider when you are charged with a DUI: Guilty or not guilty. When a verdict is rendered the judge will then render a sentence upon you. If you are sentenced to jail, it is at this point that you will be taken to the proper facility or, if you are otherwise fined or punished, that will be rendered at this time as well.

Facing a DUI charge? You need a DUI attorney – California provides citizens with representation in the event they are unable to afford it but if you can, then you need to hire experienced counsel to take on your case.

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