Los Angeles Attorney Defends You Against Sex Crime Charges

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Sex crimes allegations can cost you your reputation and your freedom. The moment you are accused of committing rape, statutory rape, sexual assault or any other sex crimes, it is imperative that you speak to a criminal law attorney. When you contact the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi in Los Angeles, we provide you with an honest assessment of the strength of your case and the case the prosecution is building against you. Next, we develop a plan to eliminate or reduce the charges.


Solicitation for prostitution is a misdemeanor in California. Police may arrest the prostitute, the pimp, the “john,” or all three. A criminal conviction for solicitation can be an embarrassing blot on an otherwise clean record. Our Los Angeles firm aggressively defends you if you are accused of solicitation.

Statutory rape

Statutory rape is a serious crime, and it doesn’t matter if the sex was consensual. If you have sexual intercourse with a person younger than 18 who is not your spouse, you may be arrested and charged with statutory rape in California. The statute also applies when the victim is incapable, because of a mental disorder or other disability, of giving legal consent.

Date rape

Date rape is simply a rape that occurs when the defendant and victim are in a dating relationship. Rape is nonconsensual sexual intercourse accomplished by means of force, threats, violence, drugging, duress or fraud. Rape is one of the most serious felonies you can be accused of. If convicted, you could be sentenced to three, six or eight years in prison. Aggravating factors can increase prison time substantially.


It is becoming more common for L.A. prosecutors to pursue sexting charges when lewd images of minors are involved. In fact, a person arrested for sexting could be charged with possessing or distributing child pornography.

Sex crime defense

The defense strategy we use varies based on the offense you are charged with. For example, if you are arrested for statutory rape, you may be able to argue that you had reason to believe the victim was older than 18. If you are accused of rape, your defense may be that the sex was consensual.

Whether you are arrested for rape, statutory rape or any other sex crime, another defense is to prove that you never committed the act and that the alleged victim is simply making a false accusation.

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Sex crime charges of any kind damage your reputation and ability to obtain employment for many years to come. At the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi, we provide you with experienced and aggressive counsel. Call us today at (310) 448-1529 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We are located in the Westside Towers, within minutes of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood and steps away from the Expo/Bundy Station. We have flexible office hours, and we will visit you in jail to discuss your case.