Prop 47 Lawyer Can Help Reduce Felony Drug & Theft Charges

Proposition 47 was passed on November 5, 2014 by California voters and resulted in changes to how certain felonies are charged.

Effective immediately, Prop 47 reclassifies some drug possession crime, as well as “non-serious and nonviolent property crimes” from felonies to misdemeanors.


In addition to applying to future crimes, Prop 47 allows those individuals with post-judgment sentences currently serving time or who have already completed their sentence to petition the court as well. However, without taking action, a person will not have their sentenced reduced.

In order to qualify for the sentence reduction an individual must not have been convicted of a violent or sexual crime in the past. Also, if the individual is currently serving their sentence, a judge must determine, in his or her discretion, that the individual would not pose an unreasonable risk of danger to public safety. There is a three-year window in which an individual is permitted to petition the court.

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