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Helping you build a strong criminal defense

Since 2003, the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi has defended countless Los Angeles residents arrested for a wide range of offenses. We understand the gravity of your situation, and we handle every case with the highest level of professionalism.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence isn’t limited to married couples. Under the California Penal Code, domestic violence refers to abuse committed against an adult or minor who is “a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant, or person with whom the suspect has had a child or is having or has had a dating or engagement relationship.” Domestic violence does not require physical injury. Other offenses related to domestic violence include:

  • Child endangerment
  • Child abuse
  • Making criminal threats
  • Elder abuse

Regardless of the charges against you, our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer is prepared to build a solid case to protect your freedom. We know California’s domestic violence laws, as well as the procedures surrounding an order of protection.

Sex crimes

An accusation of any sex crime is a serious matter that must be dealt with immediately. This includes such offenses as statutory rape, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual battery. If you are charged with a sex crime, you need experienced defense counsel. If convicted, you could face prison time and registration as a sex offender.

Drug crimes

You need a skilled Los Angeles lawyer if you have been charged with a drug crime, including simple possession, possession with intent to distribute, manufacturing, selling, trafficking and driving under the influence of drugs. Over the years, we have helped many clients have their charges reduced or dismissed.


Fraud is a broad term that applies to a range of dishonest acts committed for personal gain. Conviction of forgery, extortion, mail fraud or Medicare fraud can result in large fines and lengthy jail time. Arash Hashemi is the Los Angeles defense lawyer to call if you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony fraud.

Petty theft

If you are arrested for shoplifting merchandise valued at $950 or less, you may be charged with petty theft. Although petty theft is a misdemeanor, a conviction can harm your employment prospects. If convicted, you face six months in jail and $1,000 in fines.

Comprehensive criminal law support in Los Angeles

If you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi is prepared to help you. To schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer at our firm, contact us by phone at (310) 448-1529 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our office is conveniently located in the Westside Towers in Los Angeles, within minutes of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Westwood, and steps away from the Expo/Bundy Station. We have flexible hours and weekend appointments, and we will visit you in jail to discuss your case.