When would you need to talk to a sex crime attorney? Facing sex crimes charges can be an incredibly stressful situation. One that may look like a dead-end street. It will feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Not to mention the dilemma of how to act and defend yourself from these awful accusations.

Fortunately, there is a roadmap to follow. When it comes to sex crimes, a solid, well-prepared defense will be necessary in order to protect your interests and obtain the best possible outcome in the court.

Let’s review some of the things you must know regarding sex crimes and their legal defense.

Careful Steps in an Unfair System

When it comes to sex crimes, the system has become ruthless, subjective, and biased. This is especially true when the alleged victim is a woman or a child. The accused party will be looked upon as a convicted criminal, leaving no possible doubt about the defendant’s innocence before the trial.

That’s why if you or anyone close to you is facing sex crimes charges, you must be careful and avoid any potential mistakes. It’s also paramount to behave and prepare on an emotional level. This unfair system that socially condemns without valid proof is the consequence of irrational pressure from the modern culture itself, leaving objectivity aside.

Claiming Factual Innocence

The defendant may claim factual innocence of the sex crimes. This is a completely valid option and may be the easiest way out. However, the person who is being accused must meet the criteria by providing enough evidence.

For example, someone who claims innocence can argue that he or she was far away in another location when the crimes were committed. In order to prove this, resources like credit card records, plane and train tickets, parking tickets, hotel bills, and others that may verify the alibi are highly valuable.

If this kind of evidence cannot be delivered, claiming factual innocence may fail. This is a claim that must be justified with rock-solid proof.

Relying on Consent

Nowadays, consent is a hot topic. Many sex crimes are being defended by claiming consent. For defendants, proving consent is rather difficult. This is something highly circumstantial and difficult demonstrate in the court.

The alleged victim will fight hard to maintain that during the act in question he or she didn’t give any consent. All the way around, the arguments will create a situation where his or her rights and integrity were directly violated.

The private nature of sex crimes makes too difficult to claim consent. However, your attorney may determine if this is a viable option or not.

Mental Incapacity Situations

The last resource we must review is claiming mental incapacity. Some people suffer from emotional disorders that lead them to commit sex crimes. This happens often and implies a very sad circumstance for both the demandant and defendant parties.

If the legal defense decides to go this way, medical mental incapacity must be proven in the court with the help of professional diagnoses and reliable test results. In this case, the defendant would need to check in a psychiatric institution to treat his or her disorder after the trial, instead of going to prison.

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