High- Speed Motorcycle Chase Turns Into On-Foot Pursuit

At 1:08 AM the morning of May 15, 2017, California Highway Patrol Officers chased a motorcyclist speeding in excess of 100 mph on the 210 Freeway. The chase began near Allen Avenue in Pasadena. Officer Elizabeth Kravig recounts that the pursuit continued westbound through La Canada-Flintridge, Montrose, Glendale, and Lakeview Terrace. The motorcyclist finally exited in Sylmar off Maclay Avenue, where the suspect took to escaping on foot from Highway Patrol Officers. The chase lasted about 25 minutes as the suspect was eventually arrested at approximately 1:30 AM, after he fell down a hill.

California Vehicle Code 2800.1 states that you can be charged with the crime of evading a police officer if you willfully attempted to flee from the officer while they were in pursuit of your vehicle. To be charged with this crime, the prosecutor must prove that the suspect:

  1. Intended to evade that specific officer
  2. The officer’s vehicle was displaying at least one lighted red lamp so that the person can see it (or should have seen it)
  3. The officer’s vehicle was sounding the appropriate siren
  4. The officer’s vehicle was being driven by a peace officer wearing the appropriate uniform

This is a specific intent crime, meaning the prosecutor has to prove that you willingly fled from the specific officer in pursuit of you. That being said, if it was not clear that your intent was to flee from the officer, the prosecutor will not be able to charge you with this crime.

However, if a person is charged with California Vehicle Code 2800.1, they will be charged with a misdemeanor and can suffer the following consequences:

  • Misdemeanor summary probation (alternative to jail; sentence is spent under the supervision of court )
  • Up to a year in county jail
  • A fine of up to $1,000 and/or
  • Vehicle with which you used to evade the officer is impounded for up to 30 days

Additionally, a person can receive demerit points on their driving record that can go as high as 24 points. If a person gets a certain amount of points within a short enough time period, this can result in the revocation of their driver license.

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Video by: KTLA 5 NEWS

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