Assault and Strangulation Charges: The Legal Storm Surrounding Kevin Porter Jr.

In the early morning hours of  Monday, September 11, 2023 a disturbing incident unfolded at a Manhattan hotel in New York City, leading to the arrest and charging of Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. The allegations against him include assault and strangulation, and the incident involved his girlfriend, former WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick. Let’s delve into the distressing domestic violence incident.

The Incident:

The New York City police responded to a 911 call reporting an assault, which ultimately led to Porter’s arrest. Gondrezick, Porter’s girlfriend, suffered a laceration to her face and complained of neck pain. A preliminary investigation revealed that she had been struck multiple times on her body, and her neck had been subjected to pressure. This incident transpired at the Millennium Hilton near the United Nations, where Gondrezick sustained severe injuries, including a fractured neck vertebra and a cut over her right eye.

Kevin Porter Jr. and His Charges:

Kevin Porter Jr. is now facing grave charges stemming from the incident at the Manhattan hotel. The defendant has been charged with assault and strangulation based on the following allegations:

Assault Charge:

Specifically for willfully inflicting corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition upon his girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick. The evidence indicates that Porter physically assaulted Gondrezick, causing significant harm, including a laceration to her face and neck pain.

Strangulation Charge:

In addition to the assault charge, Porter faces a strangulation charge under New York law, specifically New York Penal Law § 121.13, “Strangulation in the First Degree.” Prosecutors allege that Porter intentionally obstructed Gondrezick’s ability to breathe or have proper blood circulation, leading to a traumatic condition. This is a serious offense, and the evidence points to Porter’s direct involvement in this act, causing life-threatening injuries to the victim.

Comparing Charges: New York vs. California Legal Perspectives

It’s important to note that if this incident had occurred in California, Porter could have potentially faced different charges. In California, a similar offense would likely be prosecuted under California Penal Code § 273.5, which defines the willful infliction of corporal injury. This hypothetical California charge would be based on allegations of Porter causing injury to Gondrezick. The specific charges and penalties may differ, but both New York and California emphasize the seriousness of such offenses.

Penal Code 273.5 (California):

Penal Code § 273.5 defines willful infliction of corporal injury in California. To establish guilt in such cases, prosecutors must prove:

  1. The defendant willfully inflicted corporal injury.
  2. The victim is among the specified categories, such as spouses, cohabitants, or former cohabitants.
  3. The injury resulted in a traumatic condition.

Penal Law 121.13 (New York):

New York Penal Law § 121.13 defines strangulation in the first degree. A defendant can be charged if they intentionally obstruct another person’s ability to breathe or blood circulation, resulting in physical injury. This charge reflects the gravity of the act, as it implies a direct threat to the victim’s life.


As this legal process unfolds, Porter and his legal representation will have the opportunity to present their case. The court will ultimately weigh the evidence and determine his guilt or innocence. While the legal framework varies between California and New York, both states emphasize the seriousness of such offenses.

If you or someone you know faces similar charges, it is essential to seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Navigating the complexities of such cases requires professional expertise. Should you find yourself with the complexities of a assault or strangulation charge, Contact The Law Offices of Arash Hashemi at (310) 448-1529 or contact us online.

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