Former City Councilman Arrested: Isaac Galvan’s Bribery And Honest Service Wire Fraud Charges

Isaac Jacob Galvan finds himself entangled in serious legal troubles. The former Compton City Councilman is facing grave allegations related to a bribery scheme concerning marijuana permits. Isaac Galvan, along with Arcadia businessman Yichang Bai, face a 10-count indictment.

The Allegations:

The indictment suggests that Galvan and Bai engaged in a scheme to influence Ricardo Pacheco, then a Baldwin Park councilman, with monetary bribes in exchange for securing marijuana permits. This alleged corruption casts a shadow over the integrity of the permitting process. Both Galvan and Bai were charged with one count of conspiracy, one count of bribery and eight counts of honest services wire fraud.

The Charges:

Conspiracy (Penal Code Section 182):
Conspiracy is a criminal offense involving individuals conspiring to commit unlawful acts. In Galvan’s case, it implies a deliberate agreement and coordinated effort to carry out illegal activities, including the bribery scheme and acts of fraudulent wire communication.

Isaac Galvan stands accused of conspiracy under California Penal Code Section 182. The conspiracy charge alleges that Galvan actively collaborated with others in orchestrating illicit activities, specifically, bribery and honest services wire fraud.

Bribery (Penal Code Section 86):
Bribery entails offering something of value with the intention of influencing the actions or decisions of a public official. In this instance, Galvan is accused of providing financial incentives to Ricardo Pacheco, a public official, to sway his decisions in favor of granting marijuana permits. Such actions subvert the integrity of public office and the fairness of decision-making.

Isaac Galvan faces a bribery charge, governed by California Penal Code Section 86. This charge revolves around allegations that Galvan offered bribes amounting to $70,000 to a public official in exchange for the official’s support and votes concerning marijuana permits.

Honest Services Wire Fraud (Penal Code Section 1343):
Honest services wire fraud involves the use of electronic communications, such as phone calls or emails, to advance fraudulent schemes that undermine the public’s trust in honest and impartial services from public officials. In Galvan’s case, it is alleged that wire communications were employed to facilitate the bribery scheme, thus breaching the trust of his constituents.

Isaac Galvan is up against eight counts of honest services wire fraud. An offense spelled out in California Penal Code Section 1343. These charges revolve around deceitful actions carried out through wire communications, all aimed at undermining the public’s trust in fair and unbiased services.

Galvan’s Role:

In August 2017, Galvan purportedly paid Pacheco $10,000 to secure support for a future consulting client’s marijuana permit. Subsequently, Bai hired Galvan as a consultant. It is alleged that Galvan facilitated $70,000 in payments from Bai to Pacheco. Pacheco, in turn voted in favor of Bai’s marijuana permit and the relocation of Bai’s business to Baldwin Park. This payment is a critical element of the bribery charge, illustrating Galvan’s direct involvement in attempting to influence a public official’s decision. Galvan’s alleged use of wire communications to facilitate the bribery scheme is central to the honest services wire fraud charges. Wire communications were employed to conceal payments and execute fraudulent activities. This emphasizes Galvan’s active participation in the fraudulent acts that breached the trust of his constituents.

Legal Consequences:

Isaac Galvan’s conspiracy charge, as per California Penal Code Section 182, holds significant legal ramifications. If convicted, Galvan could face up to five years in federal prison. The bribery charge against Galvan, governed by California Penal Code Section 86, carries substantial penalties. A conviction may lead to a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison. This underscores the gravity of attempting to influence a public official’s decisions through financial incentives. Isaac Galvan’s eight counts of honest services wire fraud come with severe consequences. Each count carries a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison.


The case serves as a stark reminder of the legal consequences when involved in corrupt activities. As the legal proceedings unfold, the court will closely examine the evidence and apply the relevant penal codes to determine the outcome of this complex case.

Legal charges related to conspiracy, bribery, or wire fraud charges carry serious consequences. Navigating the  legal landscape of such cases demands the expertise of a professional. Secure the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Should you require assistance in understanding and addressing the complexities of these charges, don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team at The Law Offices of Arash Hashemi at (310) 448-1529 or contact us online.

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