North Carolina Man Cleared of Four Decade Old Murder

A North Carolina man who has spent nearly the last forty years behind bars has been cleared of charges after an investigation conducted by the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission. Joseph Sledge had escaped from prison just one day prior to the murders and was picked up, charged and ultimately convicted of the crime.

Sledge was convicted despite the fact that he had no history of violent crime and no direct connection to the crime scene – in fact hair found at the crime scene that was believed to be from the killer did not match Sledge. A life sentence was handed down for the crimes, meaning that Sledge would likely have never seen outside the prison walls if not for the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission investigation.

As accurate as our justice system can be, there are instances where it has failed the innocent. This is evident by the fact that Joseph Sledge is the eighth person cleared of criminal charges over the course of the nine years that the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission has been in operation.

While it is likely that the attorneys for those wrongfully accused did their best with the information that was available at the time of the trials, instances of wrongful conviction illustrate just how important having the right defense attorney on your side can be. Enlisting the help of a good defense attorney is essential regardless the level of crime – while murder cases like the above will carry the stiffest possible penalties, even lower level crimes can carry heavy fines, probation or the possibility of jail time.

The right defense attorney will thoroughly examine all evidence related to the case in order to determine the best course of action for your defense. Having a properly constructed defense strategy and an attorney who can quickly evaluate and process new information as it comes in to combat the actions of the prosecution can produce the best outcome for you in a criminal case.

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