Home Improvement’s Zachery Ty Bryan Detained on Felony DUI and Contempt Charges

Zachery Ty Bryan, known for “Home Improvement,” faces legal challenges after his DUI arrest in La Quinta, California. This document breaks down the incident, charges, and potential legal outcomes, focusing on specific penal codes and dates for clarity.

Incident Details:

  • Date of Arrest: In the early hours of Saturday, February 17th
  • Location: La Quinta, California.
  • Initial Observation: Police suspected Bryan’s involvement in a collision.
  • Evidence of Impairment: Signs of impairment observed, leading to arrest.

Charges Filed:

  1. Felony DUI: Bryan was charged under California Vehicle Code 23152(a) for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. This charge escalates to a felony, per California Vehicle Code 23550, due to Bryan having at least three prior DUI convictions within the past ten years.
  2. Misdemeanor Contempt of Court: This charge suggests a violation of court orders, potentially related to Bryan’s past legal issues, under California Penal Code 166(a)(4).

Prior Convictions and Legal Implications:

Bryan’s legal history includes DUI convictions in 2004, 2007, and 2017, and a guilty plea to a DUI charge in May 2020. These prior convictions significantly impact the current charges, potentially leading to harsher penalties, including prison time, fines, and license suspension.

  • Impact of Prior Convictions: Bryan’s history of DUI offenses enhances the severity of the current felony DUI charge. Under California law, repeat offenses within ten years can result in increased penalties, including up to three years in state prison and a four-year driver’s license suspension.
  • Contempt of Court: This charge indicates non-compliance with a court order, which could relate to any condition set in Bryan’s previous DUI or assault cases. Penalties may include fines and jail time, depending on the nature of the violation.

Potential Legal Defenses for Bryan

  1. Challenge Traffic Stop: Argue the stop lacked legal basis, potentially invalidating evidence.
  2. Question Sobriety Tests: Dispute the accuracy or administration of tests.
  3. Dispute Impairment Signs: Suggest non-alcohol factors caused the observed impairment.
  4. Contest Felony Basis: Challenge the use of past DUIs to elevate charges.
  5. Mitigating Circumstances: Present efforts towards rehabilitation as a factor for leniency.
  6. Plea Negotiations: Explore reducing charges in exchange for rehab or other conditions.

Bryan secured his release on bail the same day of his arrest. His court appearance is slated for April 23 at the Indio Larson Justice Center.

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