Logan Paul’s YouTube Video Leads to Charges Against Tiger Cub Owner

YouTube has become a platform where everyday people can launch themselves into a life of fame and fortune with the simple upload of a video. It is common for people to do dumb, daring, and over-the-top stunts to shock viewers in the hopes they will share the video to create a social media frenzy. All it takes is a video to go viral, and advertisement royalty money comes rolling in, along with the thrill of being a self-made internet star.

For some ‘YouTube stars’ the high of keeping their followers entertained comes at a cost, and for a local Studio City YouTube star, fighting for ‘center stage’ is now the focus of a controversy that has exposed an illegal possession of an exotic animal.

In many parts of Asia, tigers are considered the god of wealth. In western culture, tigers have been seen in countless music videos, movies, and entertainment performances to represent a lavish lifestyle, so it’s not surprising that Logan Paul created a casual video of his dog having a not-so-friendly encounter with a young exotic cat.

The cub handler, and Logan joked and laughed as the 2 animals growled at each other. This wasn’t the first time the baby tiger had been seen and associated with other social media posts. It is believed the same cub was seen with on Instagram posing with a model last year.

Although these innocent cats are cute and somewhat cuddly in their young age, they are still wild animals that shouldn’t ever be mistaken for a domesticated cat. The cat’s then owner, Nicholas Perkins is now facing 2 counts of illegal possession, as well as one count of mistreatment of an animal.

The California Department for Fish and Game regulates the list of wild animals that are illegal to keep, domesticated pet tigers being one of them. Anyone who is isn’t professionally trained or formally educated would face animal endangerment charges even if they made an honest effort to care for the animal. Other states may keep pretty lax laws regarding the welfare of animals, which is likely how the tiger was acquired, however California is one of the strictest states in the union for the protection for both domestic and wild animals.

Nicholas Perkins, was charged with four criminal counts including two counts of illegal possession of a tiger; mistreatment of a tiger, and possession of anabolic steroids. If convicted, Perkins could face up to two years and six months in jail and $4,000 in fines.

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