Jump Shots and Legal Shots: A Deep Dive into Mikey Williams’ Assault with a Firearm Incident

Mikey Williams, known for his standout performances at San Ysidro High School and his commitment to the University of Memphis, is currently facing legal challenges that have thrust him into a different kind of spotlight. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the felony gun charges, associated penal codes, and the incident that has become a significant talking point in the sports world.

The Incident in Detail

On the night of March 27, an altercation occurred at Williams’ residence in Jamul, CA. Three juveniles testified about the threats they received from Williams. Moments later, the Tesla they were in was hit by gunfire. While no one in the car was injured, the vehicle showed clear signs of bullet damage.

Charges and Penal Codes

  • Assault with a Firearm (Five Counts): Under California Penal Code Section 245(a)(2), “assault with a firearm” is defined as having both the intent and the capability to harm someone using a firearm. It’s not merely about possession, but about the intent and means to use it harmfully. Facing five counts indicates the serious nature of these allegations against Mikey Williams.
  • Shooting at an Occupied Vehicle (One Count): Per California Penal Code Section 246, discharging a firearm at a vehicle with people inside is deemed a serious violation, even if no one is injured. The very act carries significant risks, which the law seeks to address. The evidence from the damaged Tesla in Williams’ case could play a critical role in substantiating this charge.

Connecting the Incident to the Charges

  • Assault with a Firearm: The basis for this charge stems from the statements made by the juveniles. California law requires both an intent to harm and the immediate capability to do so with a firearm. Even though no one reported seeing Williams fire the gun, some did state they saw him holding one, making them feel under threat. This perception of danger is crucial to the charge.
  • Shooting at an Occupied Vehicle: The damaged Tesla is the primary piece of evidence supporting this charge. Bullet marks on the car provide clear evidence that shots were fired at it. According to Penal Code Section 246, firing at a vehicle with people inside is a violation, emphasizing the risks such actions pose, irrespective of whether anyone was hurt. The connection here is direct: the damaged vehicle ties back to the incident and supports this specific charge.

Defense’s Perspective

Williams’ defense attorney, Troy Owens, has raised questions about the direct evidence linking Williams to the shooting. He also introduced the possibility of self-defense, suggesting that Williams might have felt threatened, leading to the incident. However, prosecutors have dismissed these self-defense claims.

Legal Defenses

Given the nature of the case, several legal defenses might be explored:

  1. Lack of Direct Evidence: The defense could argue that there’s no direct evidence linking Williams to the shooting.
  2. Self-Defense: The possibility that Williams acted in self-defense might be further explored, especially if there were threats or provocations.
  3. Witness Credibility: Given the conflicting testimonies, the defense might challenge the credibility of the witnesses.

Possible Jail Time and Sentencing Consequences

If found guilty of the felony gun charge and other counts, Williams might serve a 28-year sentence. His youth and emerging basketball career make the case’s outcome particularly significant.


The case surrounding Mikey Williams underscores the legal intricacies of felony gun charges in the context of sports celebrities. It showcases the challenges of merging public figures’ actions with potential legal consequences. If you or someone you know faces similar charges, expert defense is paramount. At The Law Offices Of Arash Hashemi, we excel in defending against various criminal accusations. For an experienced criminal defense attorney, reach out to us at (310) 448-1529 or schedule a consultation with our team.

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