Santa Rosa Police Searching for Assault Suspect

assaultA man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in Santa Rosa, California is still at large. The police have provided a sketch of the suspect in an attack that was similar to two others in the area in the last year. A woman who was walking on a path near Round Barn Boulevard was grabbed by the man and when she struggled they fell to the ground. He was grabbing at her under her clothes and she kept fighting and yelling until he got up and ran away.

The other incidents occurred three miles away from the last attack in the Pierson Avenue area along a trail by a creek and on Spring Lake Park. On one occasion the man was on a bicycle. In all the incidents the women screamed and this seemed to send him away before doing anything more to his victims. The descriptions were not an exact match; one estimated the man as being 5’10” another had him at 6’ and a third victim estimated the assailant to be 6’2’. He has brown hair and one of the victims has said she thinks he may have a reduced mental capacity.

There is also a reward of $25,000 being offered for information leading to an arrest in any of these incidents. This person could possibly be better off consulting a California criminal defense attorney now instead of continuing to stay at large and potentially running the risk of facing additional charges. A reward and a description along with a sketch may lead to an arrest that will require an experienced attorney in any case. It may be beneficial to speak to defense counsel now to find the best possible solution to the pending legal problems. Having an experienced professional on your side to prepare the most appropriate defense strategy is essential for walking away from any criminal charges with the best result.

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Photo: Santa Rosa Police Department

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