Father Arrested in California After Son Fatally Shoots 10-Year-Old with Stolen Gun

Photo: (arrangement at a crime scene)


Law enforcement in Sacramento County apprehended a 53-year-old man named Arkete Davis and his 10-year-old son following a tragic shooting incident. The boy, whose identity remains undisclosed, fatally shot another 10-year-old with a stolen gun he discovered in his father’s car. This incident took place in Foothill Farms, a community near Sacramento.

Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies responded to the shooting report and found the victim unresponsive and bleeding in a parking lot. The victim later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. Witnesses directed the deputies to a nearby apartment where they located Davis and two children, including the shooter.

The investigation unveiled that the boy had taken the gun from Davis’s car while retrieving cigarettes. He reportedly boasted about his father’s possession of the gun before shooting the other child. Detectives found the firearm, reported stolen in 2017, in a nearby trash can, indicating that Davis may have attempted to discard it. Davis is now facing several felony firearm charges, along with child endangerment and accessory to a crime after the fact.

The Charges Against Arkete Davis

Arkete Davis faces multiple serious charges in connection with the incident.

First, authorities have charged him with violating Penal Code Section 29800(a)(1), a law that forbids specific individuals, especially those with specific prior convictions, from owning or possessing firearms. Davis, who is legally prohibited from possessing a firearm, committed a violation of this code due to his ownership of the stolen gun used in the shooting.

Furthermore, Davis is facing accusations of child endangerment under Penal Code Section 273a(a). This charge is applicable to individuals who place a child in a situation where the child’s health or safety is at risk. In this case, Davis’ failure to securely store the firearm, which allowed his son to access and use it, directly led to the endangerment and subsequent death of another child.

Furthermore, Davis is facing charges for being an accessory to a crime after the fact, as per Penal Code Section 32. This charge applies to individuals who help someone evade arrest or punishment after committing a crime. Davis’ attempt to get rid of the firearm after the shooting incident falls under this category, adding to the seriousness of his legal situation.

Legal Implications

The charges against Arkete Davis have significant legal implications. The accusation of child endangerment carries the potential for imprisonment of up to six years in a state prison. Additionally, Davis is facing charges for firearm possession by a prohibited person, which can result in imprisonment for up to three years in county jail or up to three years in state prison. Furthermore, Davis faces charges for being an accessory to a crime after the fact, which could lead to a sentence of up to three years in a state prison. Davis is being held on a $500,000 bail. Meanwhile, authorities have detained the boy at the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility on suspicion of murder.

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