Federal Sentencing of San Bernardino Brothers for Armed Robbery and Homicide

A court has sentenced two brothers, Martrell Patrick Shaw, 20, and Rontrell Brainell Shaw, 22, to federal prison for their roles in the armed robbery and murder of a marijuana dealer in San Bernardino in July 2021. Along with their cousin Dillion Jones, the Shaw brothers meticulously planned and carried out the robbery, which tragically ended in the dealer’s death from gunshot wounds. The Justice Department successfully prosecuted the case in Riverside, California.

Crafting a scheme to mask their robbery attempt as a mere purchase, the Shaw brothers and their cousin initiated a confrontation that fatally wounded the dealer. This robbery not only claimed the life of the dealer but also involved the theft of marijuana and the victim’s firearm, further highlighting the devastating consequences of their actions.

Charges and Convictions

Interference with Commerce by Robbery (Hobbs Act Robbery) – Martrell Shaw through his direct involvement in the armed robbery, violated the Hobbs Act, specifically under 18 U.S.C. § 1951. By orchestrating and carrying out the robbery of a marijuana dealer, he disrupted a commercial operation that, regardless of its legal status, affects interstate commerce due to the marijuana market’s extensive distribution network. His plea of guilty to this charge confirms his role in this disruption.

Discharging a Firearm During a Crime of Violence Resulting in Death – Martrell Shaw faced this charge for firing a weapon during the robbery, an action that tragically ended the victim’s life. The discharge of the firearm, which hit the victim, elevated the robbery to a violent crime with fatal consequences. This act aligns with federal laws that impose severe penalties for using a firearm in a violent crime, especially when it results in death.

Hobbs Act Robbery – The court also convicted Rontrell Shaw under the Hobbs Act for his participation in the robbery as the getaway driver. His role, although not involving direct engagement in the robbery or shooting, was crucial to the crime’s execution. Driving the escape vehicle, Rontrell Shaw enabled the completion of the robbery, implicating him in the broader scheme that interfered with interstate commerce.

Details of the Sentencing

United States District Judge Jesus G. Bernal sentenced Martrell Shaw to 20 years in federal prison for his direct involvement in the robbery and fatal shooting. Rontrell Shaw received a 14-year sentence for his role as the getaway driver. Both brothers were also ordered to pay $14,342 in restitution for the victim’s funeral expenses. Dillion Jones’s sentencing is scheduled for April 1, where he will face a statutory maximum sentence of life in federal prison, reflecting the gravity of his actions.
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