Second Aryan Brotherhood Prison Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Murder in Aid of Racketeering

Second Aryan Brotherhood Prison Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Murder in Aid of Racketeering

Photo: (Pat Brady, 53, of Lake Forest (U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of California)

Pat Brady, a 53-year-old Aryan Brotherhood member, confessed to a murder within a Northern California prison, as part of a significant investigation into the gang’s activities. This announcement was made by the U.S. District Attorney’s Office.

Details of the Prison Murder

In the July 2018 incident at High Desert State Prison in Susanville, Pat Brady, an Aryan Brotherhood gang member, admitted to the premeditated killing of a fellow inmate. This inmate had falsely represented himself as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and had accrued a substantial drug debt. Brady committed the act to maintain and strengthen his position within the gang’s hierarchy.

Investigation Highlights

The plea is a key development in a comprehensive investigation that uncovered crimes committed by the Aryan Brotherhood between 2011 and 2016. These crimes include racketeering, murder, conspiracy, and drug trafficking. The gang orchestrated and managed these activities from their prison cells, using smuggled cell phones.

Brady’s guilty plea marks a crucial milestone in understanding the inner workings of criminal organizations like the Aryan Brotherhood. It sheds light on the extensive criminal network operating within prisons and the severe ramifications of such activities.

Upcoming Sentencing

U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller will sentence Brady on March 25, where he faces a mandatory life sentence. Brady and four defendants – Ronald Yandell, Billy Sylvester, Danny Troxell, and Jason Corbett – are scheduled for trial in February. The law presumes their innocence until proven guilty.

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